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Ogre Kingdoms Slaughtermaster / Butcher

Ogre Kingdoms Slaughtermaster / Butcher

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    Butchers are immense, corpulent hulks covered in offal and dried blood. They have appalling personal hygiene and like nothing more than wallowing in meat, guts and gore regardless of it's source. Hideous and mean, Butchers are essentially the Ogre equivalent of a tribal shaman, although their role is more that of holy man than magic-user. They have a direct link to the Great Maw, and are able to channel a small portion of the Ogre deity's insatiable thirst for gluttony and violence in a practice known as 'Gut Magic'. This box set contains one metal Ogre Butcher that can be armed with a hammer, saw-blade or sickle, and includes three head variants and two Gnoblar assistants. Model supplied with a 40mm square base.

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    Game: Warhammer
    Main Category: Ogre Kingdoms
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